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4th Grade Highlights

Bible: Building Life Castles
Building Life Castles is a Bible curriculum that makes the word of God more meaningful to the lives of the students. This is done through a study of New Testament Bible characters and their charter traits, personal life application, learning vocabulary, and Bible memorization. There is an emphasis on the study of the life of Jesus Christ and the Apostle Paul. Students learn to make wise decisions based on the word of God.

Science: Insect Classification Display Boxes
For our Science Unit on Insects, students gather an insect collection. They are classified and displayed in a “bug box” and shared in the classroom. Students enjoy the process of finding different insects and figuring out their classification. There is excitement in the classroom when they shared their unusual discoveries.

Invention Convention
After learning about Inventors and their contributions to our society, students apply their knowledge to create their own inventions. These are displayed at the “Invention Convention” and viewed by parents, students, and guests. Students improve their public speaking by interacting with guests to answer questions about their masterpieces. This event taps into student creativity and ingenuity.

Heritage: Ellis Island Experience
Students take a look into their family heritage and discover their ancestral roots. Based on a country their relatives emigrated from, they take on an immigrant profile. Students have the opportunity to “become” this immigrant for our Ellis Island Experience. After studying about Ellis Island and the immigration process, students travel to “Ellis Island” and rotated through the stations mimicking the process of immigration. Discouragement and delight are on their faces at various times. A highlight of this experience is seeing the various immigrant costumes that are worn by students.

Oregon Trail
Through a simulation game, students encounter the challenges and obstacles pioneers experienced in their travels on the Oregon Trail. They take on the identities, occupations, and families of pioneers traveling to the West. They encounter Indians, snakes and scoundrels; and, learn to make decisions that may change the course of their lives. This is always a highlight for students as they reminisce about 4th Grade! We have also, added a Gold Rush field trip to Jacksonville and surrounding hills to complement our studies of this time period.

Geography: Crater Lake Snowshoeing Adventure
As we study the state of Oregon in 4th grade, we have the opportunity to visit Crater Lake National Park, one of Oregon’s beauties! Students travel through the forest area on snowshoes, identifying animals, and playing games. A snow study of water content and density is a part of the science lesson. 4th graders thoroughly enjoy being in God’s creation, and value seeing the gorgeous blue water of our treasured national park!