Why Choose Cascade Christian High School?

Welcome to Cascade Christian High School, home of the mighty Challengers! We take pride in our all-inclusive learning culture and believe that students thrive in an environment where they feel included, supported and involved. With numerous clubs, activities, an award-winning athletics program and community outreach opportunities, we are sure everyone will find a place to belong!

Beyond our core subjects taught by a highly-qualified caring staff, Cascade also offers a variety of electives and trade school options such as furniture restoration, construction, welding and plumbing. With over 72 concurrent college credits offered, students have the option to enter college with an impressive head start. Cascade students receive a well-rounded education resulting not only in college preparedness, but real life experience that will ready them for next steps. We are proud of our 100% graduation record with over 90% of our students continuing on to higher education.

Rooted with a biblical worldview, our students are given the tools needed to navigate through the challenges they will face well into adulthood. With daily Bible classes and weekly chapel, students are taught principles that will assist them with decision making skills while living a life honoring to God.

Our objective is to assist families in preparing productive young adults that are equipped to begin their next journey with confidence. Whether that be college, workforce, or military service, they will be eagerly ready for whatever path God lays before them.

Discover your place to belong at CASCADE CHRISTIAN HIGH SCHOOL.