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Grace Cascade Christian Schools – a life prepared for God’s purpose

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Applications are now being accepted for the 2024-25 school year.

The Grace Cascade difference

Belonging to a school community dedicated to educating students in a Christ-centered atmosphere while pursuing academic excellence and godly personal character development is an opportunity unmatched in the greater Rogue Valley.

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I am deeply thankful to have grown up at Grace Christian School. Looking back, I realize more and more how blessed I am to have attended. Now 28 years old, I am teaching English in (the Middle East). So many projects and activities, the impressions my fruitful and faithful teachers had on me, continue to inspire me today. Thank you Grace! Praise the Lord :)!


Best Christian school in Jackson and Josephine counties! Son has been going to Grace from Pre K through 5th grade. Amazing teachers and great administrators!


Cascade has built who I am today. My life can be divided into pre-Cascade and post-Cascade periods. Cascade is where you can find your true spiritual identity with the Lord.


The Lord has a path for everybody…what better place to start (your) walk then at Grace. Just amazing!!!


(Our daughter) enjoyed her visit very much…the atmosphere is much more laid back and friendly than (her other) high school. The Honors English teacher made a lovely impression on her and so did the cafe lunch…One of the other things that made a big impression on her was the fact that students were openly talking about church and which ones they attend.

-Parent, Parent

As we passed an ambulance on our way to school this morning I found out that when the kids hear one going by the school they stop class to say a prayer for the person in need. Just one more thing that I LOVE about our school.


Thank you for the work you do at Grace Christian…also for the good years of school your provided for our granddaughter…


Dear Grace Christian Family and Kathy Rouse (Heritage tour coordinator), It was wonderful to see all of you and share my experience at the Naval Academy with such a bright group of (8th grade) students… Thank you for the guiding light you all have been and the moral foundation you instilled in me at a young age…You all are amazing and without wonderful role models and teachers like you the world would be a much darker place. Keep shining for the Lord!