I am an international student from China who had spent a great time at Cascade! I came to the United States in 2017 and joined Cascade Christian High School as a sophomore. I have to say that I LOVE Cascade! When I first began my classes, I felt the language barrier make things a bit difficult. But the teachers are always encouraging, patient, and helpful. I enjoyed every class I have taken, including Calculus, Spanish, weight-lifting, engineering, programming, etc. When I was applying for colleges, the school’s coordinator provided enormous help, and he even helped me look for opportunities to study more AP classes at neighboring schools. Cascade has such strong sports teams! I played the JV basketball team and went to school’s football games on Friday nights. I think it is a great way to feel the school spirit and experience American culture. I was also part of the student government (ASB), working with other students to plan school activities and promote student body unity. This experience definitely helped me to develop leadership and teamwork skills. The best part of Cascade is the religious environment. I grew up in China and didn’t know anything about Christianity before I came to the United States. I still remember Mr. Croy patiently taught me about Genesis after my first Bible class. I still remember in school we always held our hands together and prayed for each other. I learned not only about religion but about caring for others, having the courage for life challenges, and always have faith in my heart. I went to the school’s weekly chapel to worship and hear fabulous life stories. And I went to church on Sunday mornings with my host family. My host family is so sweet, and they genuinely care about every detail in my life. I still remember my host mom kissed my forehead and encourage me to face the challenges, and my host dad helped to repair my car in the rain. My host family, my teachers, and my friends, every single person I have met here are so kind and friendly. Now I am getting my Bachelor’s degree at UC Berkeley majoring in Molecular & Cell Biology. Looking back to my experience at Cascade, I appreciate that God has brought me here to spend the best three years in my life.
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