Looking to add to your student’s homeschool experience? Consider taking a few courses in a traditional school setting with our homeschool program.

Grace Cascade Christian Schools allow homeschooled students to participate in courses at the middle and high school (grades 6-12) and must follow the same application process and pay the same registration fees as enrolled students. In lieu of regular tuition fees, there is a monthly fee per class. Academic participation by homeschool students is based on classroom space availability.

Academics for Homeschool at Cascade Christian High School

Cascade Christian High School offers a wide range of educational opportunities for part-time or homeschooled students.

  • Students are permitted to take one to four classes as a homeschool student. The cost is pro-rated per course.
  • The right to receive a CCHS diploma is waived unless the student has transferrable credits on a transcript and participates as a full-time student his or her senior year.
  • The regular application process fees are required for a student to qualify for admission as a homeschool student. This is a one-time process, which allows admission throughout the student’s high school career.
  • Homeschool students are not eligible to hold class offices, run for homecoming court or participate in other co-curricular activities, except drama, when appropriate fees are paid.

For questions about the application process, contact Linda Johnson, Admissions Coordinator at [email protected] or 541-772-0606.