So many great adventures await your elementary school students! Each year your student will grow spiritually learning of God’s creation, memorize His word, bible studies and how to interact and love each other. They will also make leaps and bounds academically as they develop their creativity, thinking, problem solving skills. And just as important… HAVE LOTS OF FUN while making special memories and new friends. Check out the links below to view the highlights of each elementary school grade.

Grade 1
Grade 2
Grade 3
Grade 4
Grade 5

Kindergarten (full day):

is a time of boundless learning and growth. Through an engaging and interactive Christ-centered learning environment, students are challenged academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Explicit instruction is paired with hands-on learning for students to explore the areas of language arts, mathematics, Bible, science and social studies, while strengthening school readiness skills to ensure success in the primary grades.

Our Learning Program Includes:
Language Arts: letter awareness and sounds, reading and writing simple words, sight words and reading comprehension, vocabulary and phonics

Math: problem solving, hands-on discovery, addition, subtraction, sorting, position, patterns, shapes and measurements.

Bible: focus on God’s creation, several bible characters and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Social Studies: focus on national holidays and study manners, conflict resolution and safety.

Science: exploration of plant life cycles, matter, weather, winter animal habitats, and bees

Spanish: introduction to colors, animals, shapes, bible verses and more

Creative Expression: weekly music classes, classroom projects and weekly art classes focusing on a variety of mediums such as markers, watercolors, paints and clay

Physical Education: weekly PE classes focusing on gross motor skills, team games, balance, hand-eye coordination, body awareness and good sportsmanship

Special Activities: weekly chapel, weekly library, music programs, dress-up days, holiday and birthday celebrations, field trips to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, and honey bee farm

Kindergarten: 5 Days per week 8:30 – 2:30

  • Morning Time
  • Prayer/Flags/Calendar
  • Bible/Seatwork/Chapel (Fridays)
  • Restroom/Wash up/Snack Time
  • Recess
  • Music/Library or Spanish
  • Math
  • Literacy
  • Bathroom/Wash up
  • Lunch
  • Recess
  • Concept Studies or PE
  • Pack up/Dismiss