Nancie Garris

Facilities Assistant
Email: [email protected]

Judson Baptist College

Nancie has served at Grace Cascade Christian Schools since 1995. Her family has a longstanding connection with GCCS: she is sister to Joni Mitchell- a CCHS grad and staff member. Married to Stan since 1986. Their daughter’s went through Grace and Cascade. Michelle graduated in 2007 and she is married to Cascade graduate Ben Baumgarten who graduated in 2006. Another daughter, Andrea, graduated in 2008, and she is married to Cascade grad Jordan Banks. Nancie and Stan also have three grandchildren. Nancie and Stan attend First Baptist Church in Medford. Nancie sings on the worship team. She enjoys camping, playing piano, singing, being with family. Mrs. Garris also loves the outdoors (especially during autumn).