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5th Grade Highlights

If you were curious about George Mueller, Amelia Earhart, or Thomas Edison; you could search the Internet…or you could ask a Grace Christian fifth grader. Each year, fifth grade students are given a long list of notable individuals from which they choose a person to research. Throughout the year, students learn the process of writing a research paper through: reading a biography, searching the internet, writing note cards, outlining, writing a rough draft, typing a final draft, and citing sources. At the end of the year we celebrate by having a “Night of the Notables” event. Students dress as/impersonate their “Notable Person” while parents and family attempt to guess their identities. The event concludes with a time of fellowship and refreshments, as well as a walk through the gallery of notable display boards.

Fifth graders love our twentieth century “blast from the past” curriculum. From the Wright brothers to rockets, students have many opportunities to grasp events in the 1900’s. Activities include constructing assembly line candy cars, completing directed drawings of major inventions, “buying and selling” stocks, watching footage of historical events, journaling “from the trenches” of World War 1, and participating in “Decades Dress Up.”

Play Parts
Warning: your child may “break a leg” in fifth grade. Each spring, Grace Christian School presents an intermediate musical play. Students in fifth grade may audition for lead and supporting roles in these biblically themed productions. Students love the opportunity for ministry and leadership as well as the chance to showcase their singing and acting talents.

Fifth graders study Old Testament men and women: from Adam and Eve to the Minor Prophets. We encourage and prepare fifth graders daily for the challenges of middle school through scripture memorization and the study of the life of Christ.

Field Trip
Fifth graders take an overnight trip to Portland, where they visit the zoo and the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)! Activities are aligned with state content standards for science and provide plenty of opportunity for team building and problem solving. This trip is also a great way to celebrate the end of their elementary years and prepare them for what is to come when they go to Washington D.C. as 8th graders!

We love learning about living plants and animals in 5th grade, and how God has put the human body together in life science! We get to explore God’s creation and are challenged to take care of it. Challenge accepted!