Learning Highlights

Preschool (Age 3 by September 1st):

Our preschool program has a comfortable, structured, and fun Christ-centered learning environment in which your child will be constantly reminded of God’s great love for us and how He created each one of us with a plan and a purpose. It is also designed to prepare your child for our
Pre-Kindergarten program.

Our Learning Program Includes:
Literacy – letter recognition, printed name, daily reading time

Mathematics – number recognition, counting, identifying shapes, colors and patterns

Science – learning our five senses, group items that belong together, problem solving

Creative Expression – practice fine motor skills: painting, coloring, tracing, stamping, creative play time, weekly music class and finger plays, poems, rhyming and singing

Social & Emotional Development – communication, working together, understanding how our actions affect others, practice listening skills during story and circle time, participation in small and large group activities

Physical Heath & Development – work on becoming more self-sufficient, using glue and scissors, fine motor skills, active play time, weekly PE classes

Bible – memorization, focus on Fruits of the Spirit, Bible awareness, age appropriate Bible stories/lessons

Special Activities: music programs, holiday and birthday celebrations, sharing day, and field trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Pre-Kindergarten (Age 4 by September 1st):

We share a passion for your child to grow spiritually, academically, socially and physically. To meet these goals, in addition to academic skills, we cover various units such as; Caterpillars and Butterflies, the Seasons, Birds, USA, Careers, All About Me, Nursery Rhymes, and The Farm.

Emphasized Skills: days of the week, months, identifying colors, read color words, identifying shapes, counting, letter and number recognition, writing, and sight words, PE classes, and music classes

Bible: It is our desire that your child will love Jesus and grow in his/her understanding of God’s Word. One of our goals is to assist your child in developing Godly qualities. We will be spending about 2 weeks on each character trait using stories, songs, finger plays, and memory verses.

Special Activities: music programs, holiday and birthday celebrations, regular visits to the school library, and field trip to the Pumpkin Patch

Kindergarten (full day):

is a time of boundless learning and growth. Through an engaging and interactive Christ-centered learning environment, students are challenged academically, spiritually, physically and emotionally. Explicit instruction is paired with hands-on learning for students to explore the areas of language arts, mathematics, Bible, science and social studies, while strengthening school readiness skills to ensure success in the primary grades.

Our Learning Program Includes:
Language Arts: letter awareness and sounds, reading and writing simple words, sight words and reading comprehension, vocabulary and phonics

Math: problem solving, hands-on discovery, addition, subtraction, sorting, position, patterns, shapes and measurements.

Bible: focus on God’s creation, several bible characters and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Social Studies: focus on national holidays and study manners, conflict resolution and safety.

Science: exploration of plant life cycles, matter, weather, winter animal habitats, and bees

Spanish: introduction to colors, animals, shapes, bible verses and more

Creative Expression: weekly music classes, classroom projects and weekly art classes focusing on a variety of mediums such as markers, watercolors, paints and clay

Physical Education: weekly PE classes focusing on gross motor skills, team games, balance, hand-eye coordination, body awareness and good sportsmanship

Special Activities: weekly chapel, weekly library, music programs, dress-up days, holiday and birthday celebrations, field trips to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, and honey bee farm