Day 5

Today started out with the group going to church where Christina and I performed three of the worship songs. It was cool to worship and sing in Spanish. It was also neat to see the difference in the way they do church compared to how i am used to. After church we hung out with [...]

Day 4

We woke up this morning to a great worship led by Grace, and another wonderful breakfast of pancakes, rice and beans, scrambled eggs, fried plantains and a wide selection of fruit. We piled into our bus and headed into the heart of Managua for our third day at El Padul. Driving through the city and [...]

Day 3: Schooling and shopping

Our second day at El Padul was full of beauty and joy. As a team, we have been focusing on how this trip is not about us and our wants, but serving those around us. This mindset is important for our team to remember, but at the same time, I feel that I have received [...]

Day 2: School and hang out time with 11th graders

"Just because you have less doesn't mean you are less." The Holy Spirit laid this on my heart as I was talking about the devotional this morning, and I think it really sums up where our minds were at today as we headed to the school. Looking at these kids, one might think "oh they're [...]

Denver Airport

We have made it safe to the Denver airport. We are now waiting for our next flight to Huston. Posted by: Tanner Northrop  

Kindergarten Collage Penquins

Grace Christian kindergarten students have been busy in art class creating these very cute collage penguins. Enjoy!

Snowmen From a Worm’s Perspective

Grace Christian Elementary students learn how to draw a snowman from the viewpoint of a worm. Mrs. Fretz, GCS art instructor, utilizes this exercise as a way to teach perspective to her art students. Enjoy!

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