Third grade students recently completed a math unit that had them up and moving. Teachers Donelle Todd and Brenda Cave created math lessons which incorporated sports activities such as basketball, soccer, golf, and more.

Students had to push their partner who gathered 7 balls into a basket. Once back to their station, they had to perform a division problem that was in a colored section that matched the color of each ball they collected. Teachers and volunteer parents then corrected their division problems so that they could go out and collect the next batch of balls.

Recent studies have indicated that when students are engaged in the learning process their attention and focus is increased. Students are more likely to be motivated to practice new skills, such as critical thinking, which promotes a more meaningful learning experience. Mrs. Todd and Mrs. Cave have subscribed to this theory and have seen success in achieving learning objectives as they interweave non-traditional teaching methods (getting students out of their seats and moving) with traditional.