Colegio Christiano El Padul has become dear to our hearts at Grace Cascade Christian Schools.

Years of oppressive dictatorship, wars, and natural disasters has left much of Nicaragua in a cycle of poverty and hopelessness. Schools like Colegio Christiano El Padul offer their students the hope of Jesus Christ, as well as an education and better way of life.

The Nicaragua Connection is a way that we can help the students at El Padul.

Sponsorship of El Padul Students: Grace Cascade students donate monies to support 6 students who attend El Padul. The yearly cost to attend El Padul is approximately $360, and this includes meals two times per day. At Grace Christian Elementary  the donations are calculated weekly for an update during Chapel service. Cascade Christian Middle School has the opportunity to collect soda pop cans to contribute to these students. Cascade Christian High School students are able to donate to the students of El Padul via a fundraiser at Holy Joe’s cafe’.  Keep your eyes out for that.  In addition, there are also one to two fundraising events throughout the year to help with this project.

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Annual Christmas Project: Details for the 2020-21 project coming soon.

Cascade Christian High School students will be hosting a fundraiser during the winter to raise funds for the uniforms.

High School Spring Mission Trip to Nicaragua: In years past, the High School has sent down mission teams to minister to the school in a variety of ways.  Due to unrest and COVID 19, we haven’t been able to get down there, but we are praying for an opportunity to return one day to visit this amazing school. Prior visits have proven to have a lifelong impact on participating students as they minister in a world very different from their own.

My experience in Nicaragua is something that will be with me forever. Those children at El Padul have claimed not just a part of my heart, but the whole of it. I cannot easily describe my experience in words, because it wasn’t just a life changing experience, but a life-defining experience – I know now that wherever God chooses to take me, I will be walking with the remembrance of my time with my Nicaraguan friends and with a new spirit of hope because of their passion for the Lord. ~ Katie McMahon, CCHS 2014 Graduate

International Student:  We have also had the opportunity in years past to have a student from El Padul come to study at the High School.  Due to COVID 19 restrictions, we haven’t been able to bring one for the 2020-2021 school year, but are praying for ways to renew that connection in the coming years.  It is a great opportunity not just for the student who comes to be able to study, be immersed in another culture, and grow in their relationship with the Lord; but, it also challenges and expands our worldview.

For more information about the  The Nicaragua Connection or ways you can support this program, please contact Elissa Vanlandingham, Nicaragua Connection Volunteer Coordinator, at [email protected].