In early February, the fourth grade students at Grace Christian “set out on the Oregon Trail”.
This trek will take them several weeks!

Our fourth grade teachers have utilized fun experienced-based learning activities that represent some of the hardships Pioneers faced as they made their way across the country to our wonderful state of Oregon.

Pictured to the left, students learn that it is very difficult to haul water from the creek in the dark by trying to fill a bucket with water while being blindfolded.

Learning to be a successful fisherman was important for survival! To the right students are pictured “fishing” in the creek (goldfish crackers on a spoon). They had to bring the fish back to the wagon and then successfully, without using their hands,
get the fish into the jar.
Fishing isn’t so easy…

Maybe Mr. Fennell’s fly-fishing class at the high school
can give them a pointer or two! 😉

Students learned about gathering buffalo chips (poker chips) to use as fuel for their fires. (Not pictured: students tossed chips to their partners who had to catch them in an apron or long skirt.)

Rivers were a major obstacle that needed to be crossed!

Pictured to the left, students test a boat they built to float their wagon across the river.

Many lessons have been learned about our Oregon heritage in a fun way that will stick with these fourth graders for many years to come!