The end of the year is fast approaching and it has been a fun, full year. Let’s take a look back at some of our 6th grade math and science projects.

The first photos are 6th grade students with their 3-D atom models. Students had to choose a particular element and create a 3-D model that accurately portrayed the number of protons, neutrons, electrons, atomic weight, and chemical symbol.

These next photos are from the 6th grade “Hot or Cold?” experiment. Students combined various wet and dry ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide and yeast, checked the temperature over a time of two minutes at 10-second intervals, and then concluded if a chemical reaction had taken place depending on temperature changes.

These final photos are from a math spatial activity. Students used “nets” to build 3-D geometric objects such as cones, rectangular prisms, cylinders, and pyramids.

Combining lectures with hands on activities has proven to be a successful teaching method allowing students to retain more of what they have learned.

Grace Cascade Christian Schools incorporates projects into their curriculum at all grade levels. To learn more, call our school offices at 541-772-1438 (preschool-5th) or 541-772-0606 (6th-12th).