Joezie is a fifth grade student at Grace Christian School. She has attended Grace Christian since Pre-Kindergarten. Joezie has a love for art and started drawing and painting when joezieshe was three years old. In addition to the art instruction she receives in school, Joezie takes art classes with Charity Hubbard. When asked what her favorite part of attending Grace Christian School is, she said, “Having really good teachers. They are clever and if you have any trouble they help you understand. They are nice.”



Joezie dressed as an orphan for the musical. Her picture is in the background.

Before Christmas break, Joezie was in the musical, Love is Calling” at Bethel Church. Bethel Church had partnered with Redemption Ridge and at each performance an offering was taken for the organization. (Per their website, Redemption Ridge “is dedicated to bringing hope and healing to young women devastated by the effects of commercial domestic sex trafficking.”) As part of the musical presentation, Bethel and Redemption Ridge wanted to showcase local artists and asked these artists to create a piece for the two gallery walls. Artists had a choice of showcasing or selling their piece, with a commission of sales to go to Redemption Ridge. Joezie right away wanted to create a piece and told her parents that if she sold her artwork she wanted 100 percent to go to Redemption Ridge. Joezie is excited to announce that her pastel piece “A Christmas Wish”, pictured below, raised $125!

joezie-2When her teacher, Mrs. Jiles, asked her what she wants to do when she grows up, Joezie answered,

“I want to open an art gallery, sell my art and give all the money to charity.”

Joezie – we say it looks like you are already on your way to making your dream a reality!

Until that time, Joezie is looking forward to attending Cascade Christian Middle School next year and taking art classes from Ms Phillips. When she isn’t creating art, she is singing, practicing her gymnastics, or just hanging out with friends and family.

Joezie is just one example of the many talented students who attend Grace Cascade Christian School.