Our annual Nicaragua Christmas project gives our Grace and Cascade students the opportunity to share the love of Jesus with the students who attend our sister school, Colegio Christiano El Padul, in Nicaragua. The inner-city Christian school provides a unique chance for children from the surrounding, poverty-stricken barrios to receives an education and be fed breakfast and lunch – often the only food they have all day.


IMG_1865This year our goal is to raise enough funds to purchase Language, Math, and Science textbooks for each student to have a textbook of their own to use n class. Currently the teacher is the only one who has a textbook. Our goal is to raise $6,000 to purchase the needed books and a vinyl cover for each. The covers will keep them clean and from being damaged since the classrooms are open to the elements on one side which allows for dust and bugs to get in. The textbooks will be purchased in Nicaragua, and the covers will be delivered to Nicaragua for the beginning of their new school year in February. Our students will have the opportunity to personalize, with their name, the book cover so the El Padul students will know how much we care about them.

If every family gave only $10 each, our goal would be reached. We have two donors who are each willing to match one-third of your donation. With them and your generosity we can provide these books.

IMG_1670Our prayer is that the Nica Christmas Project will shine the love of Jesus down on our Nica friends during this time when we celebrate our Lord’s birth. Please join us in praying that His will be done, as we work together on this project. And remember! Nica – pronounced “nee kah” – is a term of endearment used by natives of Nicaragua.

In the Spirit of Giving,

Devon Rickabaugh
Head of Schools