There is one word to describe this year’s volleyball season at Grace Christian School, and it is AMAZING! We started the season thinking we would only have enough girls for two teams, and we ended up with four teams the first day of practice. Thirty girls total came out for middle school volleyball! The thirty girls made up one 8th grade varsity team, one 7th grade varsity team, one 7th grade JV team, and one 6th/7th grade JV team.

Our 8th grade team had ten wins and one loss. We had four transfers from four different schools, creating a little bit of a learning curve as they learned to gel together. After a few games into the season they were working very well together and were fine tuning their skills.

Our 7th grade varsity has been playing together for a couple years now and they won twelve games with 0 losses. They played 36 sets of volleyball and they won 36 sets! These girls love their sport and are dedicated.

Our two JV teams worked hard on developing skillsets and saw significant improvement throughout the season. Their hard work and dedication paid off with a few wins toward the end of the season.

They are all looking forward to next year’s season!

Coach Christy

GCS Volleyball 3

Pictured here are the Grace volleyball girls supporting the Cascade volleyball squad at Senior Recognition Night. #WeAreFamily

To God be the Glory!