I am writing this as I lay on the floor of Rosemaria’s house about to pass out from being so tired. All of us are fried from a day at of play in the sun and on the beach at Montelemar resort. After a long week of service we were fortunate enough to be able to spend a day resting and reflecting at the resort. We started out the day with a wonderful buffet full of amazing omelets, various fruits, and lots of other amazing breakfast foods. I would have to say my favorite part about the buffet would be the fresh made guava juice. After our breakfast we had a day full of swimming, boogie boarding, and getting sunburned. In the morning Ben put sunscreen on my back, and it didn’t get spread around enough, so now my whole back is sunburned besides a couple splotches that look like states on a map. After our day full of play we spent time down on the beach reflecting on what God had done in our lives this week. We had the chance to talk about how in our American culture we can sometimes think that we are bringing God to places like Nicaragua, but when in reality He is very present. We learned how to come along and support the already thriving school and church at El Padul . This week I realized that while there is poverty in Managua, we can learn a lot of lessons from the people. They value things like relationships and serving others more than iphones and fancy clothes like us Americans value. While these things are not bad, they can sometimes be put before important things when we don’t even realize it. The culture of Nicaragua is infectious, and has inspired me to reevaluate things that are important in my life like my family, friends, how I treat people, and my relationship with the Lord above all. This country has taught me so many things that I cannot put into words, but I know that I will be coming home with a new perspective on life.

Sorry for my terrible grammar and sentences that probably do not make sense as I am writing this as I can barely keep my eyes open from being so tired.

(Photos coming soon)

Posted by: Christian