This morning started pretty early with an amazing breakfast at the house. We then headed to the school to so that we could spend time in some of the high school classrooms before we were supposed to go to the soccer fields. We asked the classes to teach us their favorite classroom game and when we eventually understood we had a very good time playing with them. After class was out we enjoyed a game of volleyball and basketball while we waited for the bus. Ben and I even had the opportunity to help fit the younger kids for their new shoes.

At about 1:00 the bus arrived to take the team and the 9th grade class to the soccer fields. It was pretty hot outside but we all were having way too much fun to notice. Soccer was pretty competitive but I believe that the only part of the game our cascade team was good at was when they let us take a water break.

After we dropped the 9th graders back off at the school we headed back to the house and even were able to take a quick dip in the pool before dinner. At 6:30  we were greeted by four motor buggies that took us to dinner. We ate some authentic Nicaraguan food at a beautiful restaurant that over looked a ton of trees. Now we are recapping on this amazing day and preparing our hearts for whatever God has planned for us tomorrow.

(photos coming soon)

Posted by: Mia Mayben