Today started out with the group going to church where Christina and I performed three of the worship songs. It was cool to worship and sing in Spanish. It was also neat to see the difference in the way they do church compared to how i am used to. After church we hung out with some of the kids and played basket ball with a volleyball. It was fun to spend time with the kids even though we couldn’t speak that well to them. We then went to have lunch in Granada, one of the oldest cities in Central America, with some of the past exchange students, like Jared and Josue and the next student Jorge. Jorge will be staying with my family wen he comes, so it was awesome to hangout with him and to get to know him better. after lunch we explored the city and got some ice cream. We then travel to lake Nicaragua. When we were there we took a boat ride to see the islands on the lake. We even got to feed a monkey. we then went home and had our devotion for the day.

Posted By: Tanner Northrop