Our second day at El Padul was full of beauty and joy. As a team, we have been focusing on how this trip is not about us and our wants, but serving those around us. This mindset is important for our team to remember, but at the same time, I feel that I have received more from the students and their kindness than I could ever give to them. Despite the language barrier between us, we were able to connect and enjoy one another. Each child there shines God’s light with their smiles and affection, and despite the heat and exhaustion our team is experiencing, it lifts our hearts. Singing and playing with the students, and talking with them about their lives and families was wonderful. Attending bible study, eating with the kids, and talking with the teachers and staff were all beautiful connections to make in this place. After that our team bought materials for our projects tomorrow and supplies for some our up coming activities, and made me more and more excited for tomorrow. I am thrilled to be here and looking forward to the days to come and what God has in store for our team!

Posted By: Grace Boisen