“Just because you have less doesn’t mean you are less.” The Holy Spirit laid this on my heart as I was talking about the devotional this morning, and I think it really sums up where our minds were at today as we headed to the school. Looking at these kids, one might think “oh they’re not as smart as me, or not as happy as me” just because I have more material stuff than they do. In reality though, the kids at El Padul and all over the world are just as smart, just as happy, and just as in need of Jesus as we are. Even with a language barrier, it was really cool to hang out with the 11th graders today and to see their personalities as people our age just from a different country. I was blessed with the opportunity to share my testimony with the 11th graders from El Padul today while hanging out with them at the house. Thanks to Señor Chavez, I was able to translate my testimony into Spanish and by the Holy Spirit they received it with what seemed liked an understanding that we really are no different than them. We all have hard things in our lives and we all go through struggles. The only thing different is our skin color and our language. I think throughout the whole day, from visiting the K-3rd grade classrooms and teaching them songs, to riding with the high school kids and attempting to communicate in each of our broken languages, the Lord showed each of us how amazing these kids at El Padul are and the similarities between us all. By that I mean we are all simply human.

Posted by: Jessica Carlson