The Cascade Christian High School drama class performed their first production for the 2017-2018 school year on Tuesday, February 6th. They presented the comedy, “Murder at the Banquet” by Robert LaVon to a large audience in the Cascade Christian Pavilion.

Mrs. Tami Fauth, Drama Teacher, was so pleased with how well the students performed and for the many supporters of the growing drama program at CCHS!

“Murder at the Banquet” is a lighthearted and humorous send-up of famous detectives and dishes out a bountiful feast of wisecracks seasoned with physical comedy! The International Association of Mystery Solvers is hosting an awards banquet for the world’s greatest detectives. As Foster Holmes, Sherlock’s descendant steps up beside the host to speak, Jenny Watson bursts in. She is protesting her ancestor’s role as Sherlock’s sidekick! Alas, a murder takes place and the prize money is missing. It’s time for Foster and Jenny to team up with an aging British sleuth, a forgetful gumshoe, and a hillbilly sheriff to solve the crime.

Cast members:
Jenny Watson – Libby Edwards (9)
Foster Holmes – Gabi Philp (10)
Claudette Pindu – Lizzie Montgomery (9)
Chief Harly Stanton – Anthony Ujdur (12)
Jamie Diamond – Kiara Westfall (12)
Wanda Winters – Grace Bailey (9)
Agatha Preakness – Tayte Traphagen (10)
Natalie Wimberly – Alya Baldwin (9)
Jean-Luc – Debonie Denn (11)
Jean-Paul – Braelyn Day (10)
Jean-Claude – Ayla Baldwin (9)

Directed by Mrs. Tami Fauth
Assistant Directors – Debonie Denn, Braelyn Day, Ayla Baldwin
Lighting & Sound – Mr. Ryan Johnson
Make-up Artists – Ayla Baldwin, Kiara Westfall
Costumes & Set – The entire Drama Class

Mrs. Fauth will be directing a spring play that is open to any CCHS student. Save the date  – April 26.