First Grade Spinner Art – 2017

A favorite art lesson for our first grade students is “spinner art”. Students learn about spiral lines as they watch their pens twirl across paper. Basic concepts, such as spiral lines, are built upon throughout the year as students attend their regular art classes.

Grace Christian Culinary Arts Students Blessing Others

Grace Christian School Culinary Arts students used their cooking skills this week to bless others. Mrs. Miller, Culinary Arts teacher, and her students are making "get well" baskets this week that include homemade chicken noodle soup. Mr. Teterud, Principal of Grace Christian, has been feeling a little under the weather. The students were very excited [...]

Cascade Christian Construction Class

Check out the video below and see the exciting things happening in Cascade Christian High School's construction class! Taught by Mr. Jered Gritters (who is also the cherished Senior Bible instructor), students learn skills all the way from the design process to how to physically construct a project. Students apply math and physics concepts that they learn in the [...]

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