The Cascade Christian High School ASB organized a blood drive with the American Red Cross on Wednesday, March 4. We are happy to announce that Cascade students came together in support of the community and donated 133.3% of the set goal!

There was a sense of family as fellow students sat with and encouraged their classmates while donating blood. Some were prayed for as they fought off “first-time donor” fears. Through their combined efforts, many lives will be touched in ways that cannot even be imagined. To see examples of the types of people helped by blood donors, visit their website at or read the story below.

Cascade Christian High School just held another successful blood drive this week and as I get ready to send out a message to congratulate them, I begin thinking about a time that would be classified as one of the scariest I have ever experienced. You see, our daughter was born with a rare childhood blood disorder called Chronic Benign Neutropenia of Childhood. In a nutshell, her body was not producing white blood cells to fight bacterial infections. She was monitored closely and for the most part seemed as healthy as any other baby. But when she was 15 months old, she became very lethargic and pale. Her regular pediatrician was on vacation so we entrusted her to see someone else. Her blood was drawn, which was the norm for her in those days, and then we went home.

Once home we see that there is a message blinking on the answering machine. It is already the doctor with the blood test results and we become quite alarmed when we are instructed to take her to the hospital for immediate admittance! I phoned the doctor back and she informed us that our daughter’s red cells had plummeted and she needed a blood transfusion as soon as possible. I asked the doctor, more out of shock then noncompliance, what if we didn’t bring her in? I was given the blunt answer “she will probably go into heart failure and then die.” Wow! My whole world stopped for a moment as I processed what she said. Needless to say, we were on our way to the hospital in minutes for her to receive two units of packed red blood cells. Being her mom, I of course would have given my life for her, including my blood. But the funny thing about genetics is, even though you are related, you can’t always be the one to give that blood. As I sat watching the blood from a stranger drip into my daughter’s veins, a beautiful metaphor became real before my eyes. Just as a stranger had shed blood that was now saving my daughter, Jesus my Savior had once shed blood to save my life!

Many of you reading this know that this daughter of ours is now a strong, healthy 10th grader who can give anyone a challenge out on the soccer field!! We will never know who donated the blood that saved her life, but we will always be grateful.

So today, as we learn that Cascade students exceeded their donation goal at 133.3%, I say thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Cascade student – you may not realize while you are sitting in that chair, maybe even a little nervous – giving selflessly of yourself, that you truly are going to impact someone’s life in an amazing life-changing way – and it could even be someone you know! Thank you for your participation in this successful blood drive.

In Him,

Mrs. Armas
Communications Coordinator
Cascade Christian High School

Cascade Christian High School Blood Drive Results:
Collection Goal: 30 units
Actual Units Collected: 40 Units
Percent of Goal: 133.3%

Double Red Collection Goal: 6 units
Actual Double Red Units Collected: 8 units

Donor Sign Up Goal: 46
Actual Sign Up: 51
Actual Presenting Donors: 48

The American Red Cross extends their heartfelt thanks![/two_thirds]

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