Mrs. Fauth, Cascade Christian High School art teacher was thrilled to accept a check for $120 today from Medford – On The Rise Box founder, Jonathan Hillis, that will directly benefit her art students.

“I’ll be able to buy new paints for the classrooms now!” she proclaims as she points to a low supply of mostly used up paints.


Jonathan Hillis, the founder of Medford – On The Rise Box, writes the first donation check from subscription box sales.

Jonathan Hillis is the founder of Medford – On The Rise Box, a quarterly subscription box that, according to their website, “features delicious foods and drinks, quality products, unique discounts, and special offers, all from local Medford businesses.” Jonathan has a passion for the arts and has chosen Cascade Christian High School as the benefactor for the proceeds from On the Rise Box sales, which will ultimately benefit both the arts and music programs. On The Rise not only benefits Cascade Christian, but Jonathan’s passions run deeper and he would love to see the local economy thrive. Jonathan sees value in promoting local business and feels that when we collaborate together, we build a stronger support system for businesses, for schools, and for the community.


Pictured above are some of the art students who will be benefitting from the On The Rise Box donation.

Please join us in thanking Jonathan Hillis and Medford – On The Rise Box for their support. Donations such as these help to make our arts programs thrive!

To learn how you can subscribe to receive an On The Rise Box or to read more about their causes, visit their website

The Winter On The Rise Box includes items or discounts from the following businesses: Rise Coffee House, Roundtable Tea Co., Urban Palette Salon, Kdelicious, Drake’s Paint, Espressoap, Every Child, Camp 17, Epic Wellness, Moxley Media, and Visions of Wonderland