Grace Cascade Christian Schools believes a well-educated student is the one who has a well-rounded experience through participation in The Arts and Athletics programs. It is proven that students who participate in co-curricular activities score higher on standardized testing.  At Grace Cascade we offer a variety of performance arts, applied arts, athletics, and club opportunities so that each student can find a place to BELONG outside of their core curriculum courses.

At the elementary level, students participate in two musical performances: Christmas Program and Spring Program. Vocal music class begins at the preschool level and band is introduced through instruction on the recorder in grades four and five. Once our students transition to the middle school grades, they have opportunity to participate in experience periods such as band, choir, music appreciation, music history and music theory. They also participate in two performances during the year: Christmas Program and Spring Musical.

At the high school, a variety of performing, fine, and applied arts are offered; such as choir, symphonic band, jazz band, percussion, drama, culinary, construction, video production, music production, and drawing.

All students are provided opportunity to use their God-given talents during student ministry chapels, as well as student-led worship services at the high school.

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