Today started very early. We met at the Medford Airport at 4am. Everyone made it through security without getting checked except Cristian and I! They took all of my food out of my bag, and some out of Cristian’s too. We managed to all make the flight on-time, and had a peaceful flight to Denver. Our stay at Denver lasted 4-5 hours, because our flight wasn’t till 2pm. We got our essentials at Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A and Jamba Juice and hung out and talked for the remainder of the layover before catching our flight to Houston. We had to race across the Houston airport to report to our gate, get some Fro Yo, and get a quick bathroom break in before our final flight of the day. The flight to Nicaragua was  our longest of the day, and everyone was relieved to get out of the airport finally. We all managed to get our checked bags and pass customs, accept Cristian. They had to search his bags to make sure he wasn’t a criminal;) After an intriguing ride to the houses and our nightly devotions, we got our rooms all set up and are ready to get some much needed rest for tomorrow.

Posted by: Ben Dunn