CC Middle School Student Headed to State Geography Bee

Cole, 7th grader at Cascade Christian Middle School, received a lot of attention the past couple days as the word got out that he is one of the top 100 4th-8th grade students who qualified to [...]

2nd and 5th Team-up For Olympics!

Mrs. Sha's 2nd grade and Mrs. Jile's 5th grade classes are teaming up to celebrate the 2018 Winter Olympics. This week they held an opening ceremony together, with STEM-related activities and a PowerPoint presentation.  They will [...]

Winter Olympics and STEM

In celebration of the 2018 Winter Olympics, middle school STEM students have been studying the science of winter Olympic sports. They focused on curling and bobsledding. Pictured here they are working with a curling game [...]

On the Oregon Trail – 2018

By combining history lessons with STEM activities, fourth-grade students are learning about the Oregon Trail in a hands-on way, enriching their minds in new and engaging ways.   Fishing on the River - You need [...]

Egg Drop

Today middle school students experimented with ways to protect an egg to keep it from breaking when it was dropped from the 2nd story. We learned that even though peanut butter seems like a protector, [...]

2018 Invention Convention

Fourth Grade 2018 Invention Convention