Graduation Requirements

Entering freshmen may bring two credits with them from their middle school that count toward fulfilling graduation requirements. Those brought to high school may include algebra, geometry, computers, and/or a world language. An additional twenty-five credits must be earned in high school.

Graduation RequirementsA total of 3 credits from Careers & Technology Education (CTE), The Arts, or Second Language is state mandated. Cascade Christian High School requires that one of the three required credits be from The Arts category, 1/2 credit specifically from Fine Arts, with other 1/2 credit from either Fine or Applied Arts.

General Diploma Recommended Course of Study

It is suggested that course requirements be accomplished according to the following timeline. Courses are designed with these grade levels in mind. This sequence provides an appropriate mix of required and elective courses throughout the four years of high school.

General Course of Study

National Merit Scholars

College Preparatory Recommended Course of Study

At Cascade, more than 90 percent of our students go on to higher education within one year of receiving their high school diploma. For those students desiring to enter the Oregon University System or attend a four-year college out of state, a more rigorous schedule is recommended. We suggest that a college preparatory course of study include:

  • Four math credits
  • Four science credits
  • At least two years of foreign language (three often preferred)

Additionally, most universities will not accept a grade lower than a “C” in core classes. Students and parents are strongly encouraged to check with any specific university they are interested in attending no later than the start of the student’s junior year to ensure they will meet the admission requirements of the university. The following is a suggested timeline for achieving the recommended course of study.


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