At Cascade we don’t just prepare students for college –
we prepare them for life!

All Cascade Christian High School students have the opportunity to earn college credit throughout their high school careers. These credits can be earned at a significantly reduced cost. The options available to earn college credit are:

  • Take a CCHS Advanced Placement (AP) course and earn a 3 or better on the AP exam; and/or
  • Take a CCHS course that offers credit through Southern Oregon University (SOU) or Northwest Nazarene University (NNU).

“The University of Oregon accepted 60 credits that I earned while attending Cascade Christian High School. I am considered sophomore status as a first year student at UO. Having so many of my general education requirements out of the way has opened up opportunity to minor in Product Design, in addition to working toward my Professional Architecture degree.” ~ Jacob (CCHS Class of 2015)

Honors and Advanced Placement Courses

Honors classes are offered in the English and Math departments. These classes require greater time and effort since the performance expectations are greater than those of the general track courses.

Advanced Placement (AP) courses are designed as college level classes with the opportunity for the student to earn college credit by achieving an acceptable score on the AP exam administered in May of each year. Taking the AP exam costs approximately $92 per exam. All students taking AP classes are required to take the AP exam. Students may opt to also pay for concurrent credits, if available. The work for AP classes is greater than that of general track courses. If interested in learning more, please inquire during your individualized tour or admissions interview.

Students who earn a grade of “A” for the duration of the AP class will be publicly honored their senior year with an honorary cord to keep and to wear with their graduation robes at baccalaureate and graduation. While honors and AP classes do require more work, they do not receive weighted grades. This is in accordance with the policy of most high schools and is the preference of almost all colleges. Additionally, students who earn a non-weighted 4.0 GPA will receive a cord at baccalaureate to keep and wear at graduation.

Concurrent Credit

Concurrent courses at CCHS may be taken at a greatly reduced cost compared to that paid by currently enrolled college students. Students must earn an A or B in order to earn college credit.  Courses currently available for concurrent credit are:

From Southern Oregon University (SOU):

  • AP Calculus
  • AP English 11
  • AP English 12
  • AP US History
  • AP World History
  • Pre-Calculus

From Northwest Nazarene University (NNU):

  • Chemistry

College Credit Potential

Students who take advantage of all dual credit classes offered and earn an A or B in each could graduate Cascade with 52 college credits:

  • 8 – AP English 11 (SOU WR 121 & WR 122)
  • 8 – AP English 12 (SOU ENG 104 & ENG 105)
  • 4 – Chemistry (NNU CHEM 1200, 1200L)
  • 8 – AP World History (SOU HIST 110 & HIST 111)
  • 8 – AP US History (SOU HIST 205 & HIST 251)
  • 8 – AP Calculus (SOU MTH 251 & MTH 252)
  • 8 – Pre-Calculus (SOU MTH 111 & MTH 112)

Students can earn an additional 8 to 12 college credits by receiving a score of 3 or better  in the following course on an AP exam:

  • 8-12 – Spanish Language & Culture

For a total of 60-64 possible college credits.

For more information about CCHS’s College Credit Courses, contact Cascade Christian High School College & Careeer Counselor at 541-772-0606.