The Grace Christian School fifth grade students were able to experience science hands-on last week when they attended an overnight field trip to OMSI in Portland, Oregon. The students traveled by bus on a Thursday and returned on Friday.

IMG_6729 IMG958704When asked what students were looking forward to the most, Grace W. replied “to all of the memories” and Ali M. said the “karaoke” on the 4.5 hour bus ride.

Mr. Sha (5th grade teacher) said he was “looking forward to the bus ride the most!” 🙂

OMSI 2015 2


OMSI 2015 4Students experienced what it feels like to be in an earthquake and learned WHY we have earthquakes.

OMSI 2015 3

When I’m here I feel like I’m in science heaven! Autumn V. (Grade 5 student)


They even received a Pirate name!FullSizeRender_resizedOMSI 2015 6

OMSI 2015 8


OMSI 2015 5


IMG956783Students and chaperones spent the night inside OMSI and were treated to a second day of science exploration, which included a submarine tour…
OMSI 2015 10OMSI 2015 9

…and learning how wind works…

OMSI 2015 11

…and more!
OMSI 2015 12