Cascade Christian Middle School 8th grade students attended the Junior Achievement Finance Park simulation held at the Central High School campus.  According to the Junior Achievement of Oregon & SW Washington website, Finance Park is a three-part program which includes classroom lessons and activities, budgeting simulation at JA Finance Park, and a debrief and follow-up in the classroom. (

We are fortunate to be a part of this great program. To learn more, visit the Junior Achievement website.

Below is a description of the simulation, as posted on their website:

“At JA Finance Park – The Simulation

Upon entering JA Finance Park, each student is given a unique ‘life situation’ – a personal profile with the details of their adult life, including job title, annual salary, age, marital status, and more.

After students receive their life situation, they determine their net monthly income (NMI) and apply an appropriate range of spending for their family in pre-determined business categories. Students will then visit each of the businesses to buy a car, shop for groceries, purchase a home or rent property, buy insurance, establish savings accounts, make investments and donate to charity.

Students must also budget for unforeseen expenses, such as mechanical problems with their car. It is during this shopping time that students realize choosing to buy a brand new car rather than a used car may mean living in a small apartment instead of a home, or spending more money on clothing may mean limiting your social activities for the month.

At the end of the day, students must have balanced spending in all 20 expense lines, such that their expenses do not exceed their income.” (

Cascade Christian Middle School 
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