By Christina Cannon (CCHS Sophomore)

The 8th grade musical, titled “Dorothy in Wonderland,” was a great success. The audience seemed to enjoy it thoroughly, and many of the students took immense pleasure in the process. As the title suggests, the blend of two classic stories brought Dorothy and her friends to Alice’s realm, where they sought to find each other after getting separated. They also challenged the Queen of Hearts to a game of hedgehog croquet and encountered various other fairy tale characters.

The 8th graders began working on their play around December and put a great deal of hard work into memorizing their lines, making and assembling the sets, and putting together their costumes.

GRANT CANNON, known in the context of the play as the “Tin Man,” worked for several hours with his family to make his costume, most of which was made of real tin.

“One of the major challenges of making my costume was making it so that I could move well on stage…We couldn’t eat on the kitchen table for a few weeks because it was full of foam, metal scraps, and duct tape,” he elaborated.

Many of the actors either made the costumes themselves or employed their family members for the job, and the audience clearly enjoyed the wide variety of attire.

Many of the performers seemed to enjoy the chance to be creative with their assigned parts, especially in having the opportunity to figure out their own blocking.

“I like working on the blocking and moving around, because sometimes people don’t realize it, but that’s a big part of the play. The other part is the words,” commented Grant Cannon, who’s favorite scene to block, as heartless as it sounds, was the Heartless Executioner scene.

The students benefited from the amount of creativity involved, whether for decorating sets, making costumes, or putting character into their parts, and the audience was delighted by the display.

Thank you to the Cannon family for the photos displayed in the gallery below.